Vintage 1985

1985 - 2005


Character: Rich, creamy, dried fruits

Checked: Alan Reid 21/07/85

Approved: John Ramsay 31/05/05

Bottled: 2005



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Tasting Notes Original Glenrothes

Apperance: Golden clear and bright

Bouquet: rich, fruity, raisins and sultanas

Palate: soft smooth oak, vanilla and sultanas

Finish: good length, medium finish

Whiskyfun by Serge

Glenrothes 1985/2005 (43%, OB) Colour: pale gold. Nose: in the same league as the 1991 but more complex and even more expressive on the nose. There's added layers of resins and tropical fruits (mangos, passion fruits). Other than that we have the same honeyness (plus fir honeydew), vanilla crème, quite some cinnamon, pollen. Superb smokiness again (garden bonfire). I think it's much better (I mean, much more interesting in any case) than most older official versions of Glenrothes. More oomph, more complexity, less 'simple roundness). Thumbs up! Mouth: much bolder than the 1991 at the attack, with more sherry. Rather flavourful, resinous (eucalyptus honey again), with great notes of baklavas, plum pudding, vanilla fudge, toffee… Perfect balance (but the middle is slightly weak again). Goes on with smoked tea, bananas flambéed, old rum, and high-end kirsch… Excellent! Finish: much longer and more satisfying than the 1991's, jammy, with lots of nougat and orange salad seasoned with olive oil (try this!) Rather impressive, much better than some older official 1985's. I think they should bottle these versions at 45 or 46%, they would become real winners. 88 points. (November 6, 2006)

Dave Broom

Immensely complex and mature with great breadth of aromas. Weighty but with fragrant spice. In time polished oak giving it balancing dryness.
Layers of complexity with honeyed rich fruits cut through with citrus and spice. Concentrated, luscious, a slow-motion explosion.
Long, elegant, balanced.
This is head and shoulders above everything else in this tasting. Fills all the senses.

Arthur Motley

Raisins, cumin, butter, pot pourri, warm bread. Peshwari Naan filling.
Raisins and peach syrup. Some European tannins.
Sweet malt and some grassiness.
Slight spiciness adds some zing to an otherwise pleasingly sweet dram.

Glenrothes Tastingsnotes Eggers und Franke

Farbe: Golden und glänzend

Duft: fruchtiger Duft an Rosinen und Sultaninen erinnernd

Körper: sehr weich

Geschmack: Cremig und Vanille

Abgang:  langes und leicht süßes Finish


Glenrothes, 1985 Vintage (Scotland)
The Glenrothes is packaged is an eye-catching ‘sample’ bottle. The three vintages that are available at time of writing (1985, 1991 and 1994) are all excellent whiskies displaying a fascinating range of characteristics, but whisky-pages’ favourite is the 1985 expression. This displays honey, marmalade, spices and bitter chocolate on the complex nose, with light smoke and vanilla also developing. A delicious blend of fruits, honey and spices emerge in the mouth, with smooth heather, prunes and refined oak notes. Vanilla and brittle toffee feature in the elegant and lengthy finish. 43.0% ABV, 70cl, £79.95, specialist whisky merchants

Tasting Notes whisky-info

Geruch: sehr angenehmer Geruch nach Frucht, etwas Vanille, süßlich fruchtig

Geschmack: Liegt sehr cremig im Mund mit touch von Rosinen und leichte Vanille

Fazit: Spitzenklasse

********(8,5 von 10)

1985 - 1998


Character: Aromatic, slight spicyness

Checked: J.L.Stevens 16/10/85

Approved: R.H.Fenwick 6.12.97

Bottled: 1998



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1985 - 1997


Character: Aromatic, slight spicyness

Checked: J.L.Stevens 16/10/85

Approved: R.H.Fenwick 20.8.96

Bottled: 1997



Label Info

Michael Jackson (4te Auflage 2003; deutsch)

Farbe: Vielleicht etwas heller goldfarben

Duft: Trockener wurzelartiger. Öliger und aromatischer.

Körper: Sehr leicht seidig

Geschmack: Trockener würziger

Abgang:  Fester Anklang an einen cremigen Malt, dann erst spät ein Vorrat von Zitronengras und torfiger Wärme.

Punkte: 81

Michael Jackson (4th Edition 2004; english)

Colour: Perhaps fractionally brighter gold.

Nose: Drier, rootier. More oily and aromatic.

Body: Lightly silky.

Palate: Drier spicier

Finish: Firm hint of creamy malt, then very large surge of lemon grass and peaty warmth.

Sqore: 81

Jim Murray´s Whisky Bibel 2007 4th Edition

The Glenrothes 1985 bott05 db (88) n23 great complexity, offering salty buttered crumpets and toasted hot cross buns; t23 silky sultanas; the spices begin to bombard as the barley and oak jostle for supremacy f20 toasty and ever drying; b22 a lovely old whisky which fades fast. 43%

Maltmaniacs (Black Book)

Glenrothes 1985/1997 (43%, OB, 70cl) - 79 points
Nose: Deep, sweet aroma. Faint hints of currants and pipe tobacco. Old fruit. After some breathing a little oilyness and something 'veggy'.
Taste: A bit harder to pin down. A very delicate sweetness; the body is very smooth.  This malt just "feels" very good; unless you add water.
Highlights von 1985: Gorbatschow wird Generalsekretär; Live Aid Konzert;Achille Lauro Entführung, Boris Becker gewinnt Wimbeldon
Alben auf Platz1: Dire Straits-Brothers in arms;Madonna-Like a virgin;Bruce Springsteen-Born in the USA

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