Editors Choice

1996 - 2011

57% distilled 1996, bottled 2011 

Character: Sherry Oak spice, dark chocolate, long warming and complex

Approved: Ho-Cheng Yao Gordon Motion

264 bottles



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1979 - 2011

52,1% distilled 1973, bottled 2011

Character: Rich, sherry, raisins and vanilla, rounded, silky, long and succulent

Approved: Gordon Motion Malt Master

300 bottles



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Whiskybotschafter Kingfisher Whisky Magazine
Christian Rosenberg Ho-Cheng Yao Martine Nouet Noah Rothbaum
The articel from Whisky Magazine:
The four editors recently invited to Glenrothes distillery were faced a challanging task: select a favorite cask among 18 samples chosen by Gordon Motion, Glenrothes Malt Master and Ronnie Cox, Brand Heritage Director.
The oldest whiskies were distilled in 1979 and the youngest in 1999; the strengths ranged from 49,9% to 61,9% ABV; variety of casks included refill butts and hogshead, American and Spanish oak sherry butts, Spanish oak hogsheads and even a barrel previously used for the maturation of corn whiskey. A fantastic array of styles and characters.
Christian Rosenberg from Germany, Noah Rothbaum from USA, Ho-Cheng Yao from Taiwan and Martine Nouet from France/Islay nosed and tasted each sample through to the second round at the end of which three flights of six, scored each one so that eight favorites went through to the second round at the end of which three were to be elected. But the editors could not refrain their enthusiasm and four samples were submitted to the last selection. Again, the consensus could not be reached to one single Editors Cask as the team divided into two camps. One pair championed Cask #3828, a refill butt from 1979 at 51,6% deep amber colour, complex and elegant hose revealing an enticing citrussy and spicy character with sherry notes in the back.
The palate is silky and display luscious Seville orange flavours with a long soothing finish on marzipan.
The two other editors were charmed by a younger cask, Cask #9973 a Spanish oak hogshead from 1996 at 55,8%. A deep sherry character with rich oak, dark chocolate and a hint of tobacco.
As it was obvious it would not be possible to reach a consensus. Glenrothes brand heritage director Ronnie Cox generously decided to bottle two editors Casks. Those two limited releases will be available in special retailing outlets from September.The four editors will be allocated four bottles of their selected whisky. Some have already expressed the desire to auction one or two bottles for charity. More news this autumn.
Die deutsche Erklärung zu den Abfüllungen:

Es wurden 4 Whisky Schreiber in die Destille eingeladen und die durften sich ein Fass aus 18 selektierten aussuchen.
Die Werten Herren sind:
Christian Rosenberg (Deutschland)
Noah Rothbaum (USA)
Martine Nouet (Frankreich)
Ho-Cheng Yao (Taiwan)
Da sie sich nicht auf ein Fass einigen konnten, wurden zwei auserwählt. Ein Fass von 1979(52,1%) Cask 3828 und ein Fass von 1996 (57%) Cask 9973
Das Fass aus 1979 wird für Frankreich und Deutschland abgefüllt, das Fass von 1996 wird für Taiwan und USA abgefüllt. Der  Rest steht im englischen Text und Bilder folgen.


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