Three Decades

Three Decades (Duty Free only)

43% Bouquet: Honey, mixed peel and pine resin

Palate: Vanilla, orange,  hint of cinnamon bark

Approved: Gordon Motion Malt Master

Bottle 0,7 Liter


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The Glenrothes has historically been bootled by Vintage. This is because maturity matters more than age. It is only when a whisky has fully matured in cask that the fullness of the flavours emerge.
We have bottled Vintages from the 1970s, the 1980s and the 1990s, the latest 1998.
This bottling called "Three Decades" celebrates our past and present Vintage releases, combining mature Glenrothes from each of those three "Vintage" decades.
Apperance: Dark straw, clear and bright
Bouquet: Vanilla, cloudly honey, sherbet, mixed peel and pencil shavings
Palate: Sweet vanilla, orange boxes with hint of cinnamon bark
Finish: smooth, medium sweet and spicy, good length

Ronnie Cox - Glenrothes Director
"Fullfilling, satisfying Glenrothes. Proudly the best reason to travel."



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