John Ramsay Legacy

1980 - 2009


Bouquet: dark chocolate, blood orange, vanilla

Palate: Balanced oak and fruit, Mature and rich

1400 bottles only



Label Info

Whiskyfun by Serge

Glenrothes 'John Ramsay Legacy' (46.7%, OB, 1400 bottles, 2009) John Ramsay, master distiller at Glenrothes, just retired (or is about to retire) and selected two casks to celebrate with panache. These two casks – probably butts according to the size of the batch – have been vatted together. Colour: gold, a tad lighter than the 1988. Nose: very interesting! Interesting as a whisky and interesting because John Ramsay selected it, as it’s rather different from the ‘usual’ official Glenrothes. Indeed, it’s rather more powerful (not just the strength) and kind of wilder, with more obvious oak and marzipan for a start, followed with quite some heather and other herbs and flowers. In a certain sense, we’re rather in the direction of a Highland Park 25yo here. Other ‘smaller’ notes: liquorice, roots, horse dung (just very tiny notes), gentian eau-de-vie and a wee ‘peatiness’. Mouth: we’re closer to the 1988, only with even more oomph and a big body. The spices attack first (pepper and ginger), then more herbal notes (thyme, liquorice wood), then quite some aniseed and cardamom… It’s only after that spicy/herbal cavalry that Glenrothes’ typical mellow/creamy notes emerge, with some custard, marmalade, honey and nougat. Finish: long, still nervous, mostly on roasted/honeyed nuts. Comments: definitely not one of these round and mellow Glenrothes that one may sip in an English gentleman’s club. I’ve often noticed that master distillers tend to prefer whiskies that are as close as possible to the original spirit. I say well done, even if this one is in no way an easy ‘just-drink-don’t-ask’ malt whisky. If you’re not into easy aromas and flavours, watch this one! (sorry, no ideas as for its price, maybe expensive.) SGP:462 - 91 points. Now, the 1980 cask #17563 is still my my fav (WF93). (thanks, Yves!) (26June2009)
Die deutsche Erklärung zum John Ramsay Legacy:

Nach 43 Jahren Whiskyherstellung ging John Ramsay 2009 in den wohlverdienten Ruhestand. Aus Dankbarkeit durfte sich John sein Erbe "Legacy" zusammenstellen. John fragte nach 49 Fässern an, die dann reduziert wurden auf 20 Fässer (14 Hogshead und 6 Butt) Alles second fill American Oak Casks. Die Auswahl der Fässer kam aus den Jahren 1973, 1978, 1982, 1985, 1986 und 1987. In der Summe kam ein Whisky heraus der mit 52,6% zu scharf war. Um nicht Wasser dazu schütten zu müssen, beschloss John Ramsay diesen Whisky wiederum in American Oak Casks( Butt) zu füllen. Zwei von diesen Casks mit der besten Entwicklung und dem Alkohol von 46,7% wurden dann abgefüllt. Aus diesen zwei Fässern wurden dann letztendlich 1400 Flaschen befüllt.


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